Here are resources and information to help you find out about different jobs and career opportunities. Plus, and some great tips to help you apply for a job and prepare for interview.

Finding your dream job

See which jobs you could do by the subjects you are studying now.   Visit spotlighted vacancies to help you find apprenticeship and early career job vacancies.

Early career job profiles

Here are some job profiles for popular roles. These will help you find out about the job tasks and the type of skills you will need to apply for that type of job: 

Applying for jobs and interviews

Now you have found the job that you want to apply for its time to prepare your application and get ready for interview. Here are some resources to help you.

Transferable Skills

Being able to talk about your transferable skills and match them to the job you are applying for will really help you to succeed. The interviewer will be able to see why you are a good match for the job and will be confident that you understand what the job will demand from you.  Many of us struggle to recognise our own transferable skills.

The following resources will help you to work through, identify and be able to describe your transferable skills to an interview panel. (Word documents)

Asking for feedback and trying again

If you don’t succeed the first time you apply then it’s time to reflect on the experience: were there questions you felt you couldn’t answer; could you have prepared more; or differently? Perhaps you can ask for feedback, or get some interview skills coaching from your school, college or job centre. You will have gained valuable learning from your experience and next time and you will be more practised and better prepared to beat the competition.