Inventive, inclusive, unexpected...

This is who we are. The city - and the people who make it. People who are born down-to-earth and restless. Every day, defining the place that never fails to raise an eyebrow. A city of makers, past and future. This spirit fuels the collaborative culture that's unique to Sheffield. 

It powers two world-leading universities, a thriving independent scene, the sense of community, the sense of adventure, the famously friendly welcome.  

Jobs and apprenticeships in Sheffield

As well as all the current job vacancies across every single neighbourhood of Sheffield there are lots of different routes into getting a job in this sector.

Check out the latest NHS spotlighted jobs across Sheffield. These are updated each week. 

  • View all the latest NHS jobs in your area
  • View all the latest jobs in voluntary and community organisations across Sheffield.  
  • Working in social care jobs: You'll find roles helping people to continue living independently in their own homes and lead happy, healthy lives in one of our care homes. For many of our roles, you don't need any previous experience. If you've the right caring qualities, we can teach you the rest.

    You'll need a few core skills, like working well in teams and being able to build strong relationships. Most of all, we're looking for passionate people who love helping others. Check out the latest job opportunities in social care across Sheffield. 

Health and care employers

  • Sheffield Children's Hospital: Sheffield Children’s is a brilliant place to work. We are one of only three dedicated children’s hospital trusts in the UK and provide an integrated service combining a full range of medical, surgical and mental health services in specialist acute care centres and in the community. We care for children and young people from Sheffield and South Yorkshire as well as providing specialised services for patients from further afield.
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals: A brilliant place to work. Our patients and staff are not numbers they are individuals. Proud to make a Difference is not just our slogan but the way we do things. If you are looking for a role or career that excites you, stretches your potential and gives you job satisfaction, we would love to hear from you.
  • Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust: We provide a range of mental health and learning disability services to the people of Sheffield. Some of the specialist services we provide support people from across the region, and our gender identity clinic receives referrals from across the country. There is more information in this section about who we are as an organisation, why we're here and what drives us. 
  • St Lukes Hospice: We care for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have ‚Äčterminal illnesses. We aim to control their symptoms, alleviate pain, and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge.

Colleges, universities and training

Local colleges offer courses for anyone 16 and over. They include T levels, apprenticeships, higher education access courses, right through to foundation degrees. There are courses specifically in health and care as well as lots more other opportunities for the range of roles in this sector - think finance, admin, marketing, plumbing plus many more. 

  • The Sheffield College: Our campuses feature a state-of-the-art emergency care training suite, complete with a mock hospital ward, patient care mannequins and ultrasound machines. What’s more, our tutors are experts in their professional specialisms, with loads of experience under their belts. Who better to give you advice and guidance on getting into the career you want than someone who has worked in that role?
  • Northern College: Based near Sheffield in Barnsley, this is the only residential college for adults aged 19+ in the North. They will prepare you to re-enter education, gain employment or make a career change through immersive residential learning and specialist support.
  • Higher education courses: If you want to train in subjects like medicine, nursing, dentistry, orthoptics, psychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, paramedic science, physiotherapy then Sheffield has some of the country's best universities for these topics. Check out Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield for more details on the courses on offer and why South Yorkshire is a great place to study and stay and work.


Visit the Volunteer Centre Sheffield for the latest opportunities. 

Volunteering is when someone spends unpaid time doing something to benefit others. Volunteering can be formal and organised by organisations, or informal within communities. It should always be a free choice made by the person giving their time. 

Volunteering has many benefits, including gaining experience relevant to employment or education, learning new skills, improved physical and mental health, making friends, and giving back to the community. Whatever your reason, we can help you find the right volunteering opportunity for you. 

There are also volunteer opportunities here:


Getting about Sheffield

Health and care jobs, volunteer opportunities are based all over the city. They might be in your neighbourhood, in the city centre or in an area you've never been to before.

We want you to have the best chance of getting a job or volunteer role that suits you. 

Don't let a location put you off - always check with the people advertising the role if it's not clear. Not all job adverts are as clear as they could be so it always pays to ask.

  • Walking or cycling: Some of the larger organisations offer cycle storage units, showering/changing facilities and cycle to work schemes. 
  • Car: Some of the health and care organisations have car parks. Some of these you will need to pay for and some will be free. All of them should have accessible parking.
  • Bus or train: If you don't drive, or have access to regular lifts, then public transport might be for you. All our hospitals have bus stops outside and GP practices, pharmacies and dentists often have one very near. You can check the latest bus, tram and train timetable routes on the South Yorkshire. Top tip: Add 'hospital' into the search if your job is in a local hospital.