An apprenticeship is a programme that trains a worker to become skilled in a particular trade. Apprenticeships provide hands-on work combined with classroom activities. They are classified as full-time jobs. Apprenticeships are paid by your employer or College whilst you get paid a wage. You can start an apprenticeship even if you're over 21 and they are available at lots of different levels. The great news is there are several apprenticeship opportunities in Health and Social Care, giving you the chance to learn on the job with time for development. 

What apprenticeship am I interested in?

There are a number of factors to consider when trying to find the right apprenticeship for you. Consider your skills, ambitions, personality, likes and interests. Undertake a careers quiz to find the career that best suits you.

Why do I want to do this apprenticeship?

Once you've decided which apprenticeship is right for you it is important to understand why you want to do this particular apprenticeship. It's likely you'll be asked this when you go through the application process. Consider how the apprenticeship aligns with your skills, experiences, and interests. Connect the apprenticeship to your future career ambitions, you want to make sure the role makes sense for where you're going in your career. 

How long is the apprenticeship going to last?

Make sure you check how long the apprenticeship will last before applying. Most often, apprenticeships will take anywhere between one and four years to complete.

Where are the vacancies for this type of apprenticeship?

You can find out where to look for the latest vacancies in South Yorkshire here. You can also view vacancies on the national site here

Do I have the specified qualification entry requirements?

The level of apprenticeship you start at will depend on your own qualifications. Find out the entry requirements for the different levels of apprenticeships here.  

Do I have the prior experience that is needed?

Some higher-level apprenticeships will require specific work experience. Make sure you check the person specification before applying for an apprenticeship to make sure you have the right experience for the role. If you want to gain some experience to prepare you for an apprenticeship, you might what to consider a traineeship

What level English and Maths do I have? 

If you want to undertake an apprenticeship at level 3 or higher you must achieve level two English and level two Maths. For apprentices undertaking a level 2 apprenticeship, you'll work towards level 2 in English and Maths.

Outside of working hours, can I commit to the study time required?

Once you've started your apprenticeship you'll be juggling a full-time job and studying towards a qualification. Find out more about the hours you'll be expected to work here.


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