Resources and Support

In addition to the Care Certificate workbook, Skills for Care have developed a range of resources to help and inform you about the Care Certificate.  

New Care Certificate assessors eLearning course now available

Created in partnership with Health Education England, the Care Certificate assessors eLearning course has been designed to support Care Certificate assessment.

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Local Approved Awarders 

Whilst the Care Certificate is the national minimum standard of competence, it is sometimes difficult for an employer to know whether they should recognise a care certificate issued elsewhere, as there is no common standard or measure applied to those who issue the award. 

South Yorkshire Region Education and Careers (SYREC) aims to provide a degree of assurance across the health and social care sector by maintaining a list of approved awarders. Those appearing on the list are able to demonstrate that they support staff to develop in a structured manner. 

Click here to see more information about Approved Awarders, including a list of Awarders and how you can be included.

Other local resources include:  

  • Work books 
  • Self-Assessment 
  • Questionnaire