Care and support staff career pathway:

Currently most staff are recruited to a single organisation.  The SYREC project provides an opportunity to develop more innovative careers across sectors with some early work in Doncaster to learn from and build upon.

Key activities:

The underpinning themes include:

  • Understand the LWAB priorities and how these link with development for CASS
  • Understand opportunities  available and delivered in NHS Trusts/Local Authority/independent care providers
  • Understand and share information on funding opportunities, changes to funding and the impact of changes
  • Provide a forum for collaborative bidding to support the Health and Social Care Career Pathway
  • Provide a repository for tools, information, business templates, fliers and sharing of best practice Identify opportunities to address barriers for this work-stream
  • Focus on hard to reach/hard to engage groups of staff/organisations through workforce development initiatives. 
  • Partner with education and employers engaging with training and education opportunities 
  • Regional plan template

View the Career Pathways here