If you like working with people, social care offers a rewarding job that can turn into a long-term career. 

Just bring your natural qualities and we’ll provide the training you need to thrive. Working in adult social care gives you the chance to build on the skills you have and learn new ones. 

With such a wide range of different roles available, no wonder so many people find a job they’re proud of in social care.


Finding a Career in Social Care

From the Department of Health and Social Care: To start your career in adult social care, all you need is the right qualities, rather than specific qualifications. With on-the-job training and ongoing support, starting a career in care has never been easier. Explore the job opportunities in Adult Social Care jobs here

Benefits of Working in Social Care

  • One of the most in-demand and rewarding roles in the UK.
  • The opportunity to train as you learn.
  • Ongoing career progression and training opportunities.
  • Long-term employment prospects and job security.

Hear from those working in adult social care here.

Career Planning

Once you start your career in social care it will open the door to many different careers. There are opportunities for you to progress or move into a wide variety of roles such as Registered Manager, Nurse, Well-being Officer, or a Social Prescriber, and the list goes on. The Health and Social Care Career Pathways Website has been created so you can see how you can progress within your career in Health and Social Care.

Jobs in Social Care