Health and Social Care is the biggest employment sector in South Yorkshire. The pandemic was difficult for other industries such as travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment. For this reason, we think it is more important than ever that people know about, aspire to, and are made ready for the full range of careers available in the NHS and Social Care. The top 20 predicted jobs for the future include: robotic engineer, nurse, data analyst, epidemiologist, accountant, care worker, and maintenance technician – all these roles can be found in our sector. We have a wide range of roles to suit all interests.

There are more than 350 different careers in the NHS. Many roles work directly with patients while others will work behind the scenes in departments such as HR, Marketing, and IT.

If you like working with people, social care offers a rewarding job that can turn into a long-term career.

The Health and Social Care Career Pathways Website has been created so you can see how you can progress within your career in Health and Social Care.