Building on the success so far here are the proposed next steps of the SYREC Social Care Integration workstream.

Removing Barriers

  • Covid - Resilience Networks/Psychological support with social care partners

  • ED&I – NHSE/Place 

  • Continue widening participation
  • Continuation of place-based lead engagement - ‘Spotlight on the Ground’. Strategic dovetailing/provision to workforce/Identifications of unwarranted differences 

Working Differently

  • ACP Care Home Candidates Support
  • ACP Care Home - Research
  • Health Placements within Social Care
  • New Roles - Exploration of Carer Associate

Creating Opportunity

  • Health and Social Care Academies - Local college-based - SIM Centres
  • CASS Career Pathways Partnerships - Schools Engagement / Community / DWP

  • Volunteering - work experience route

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