Faculty For Advanced Clinical Practice 

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Faculty of Advanced Clinical Practice was formed in 2015 and is helping to bring about a coordinated and consistent approach to developing the clinical workforce.

The Faculty specifically focuses on the training and on-going professional development of Nurses, Pharmacists, Allied Health Professionals and others currently working in the NHS. The Faculty does this by offering them the opportunity to become Advanced Clinical Practitioners which means they work at a level which involves a greater degree complex decision making and is helping to provide a high-level workforce covering the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw region.

The Faculty is also responsible for developing other emerging advanced clinical groups and introducing other such roles to the NHS as Physician Associates alleviating pressures created by the shortage of trained doctors coming into the NHS. 

Notice regarding training as a result of COVID-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic patient care and supporting clinical teams will be the main focus for you. We appreciate that this may mean that time to study will be affected. Please try not to be concerned about the impact that this may have on your training, South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Faculty, hospitals and Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub are working together to help support you in collaboration with local HEI’s.

If you are having any difficulty with your on going training for any reasons, temporary suspension of training may be an option. Please talk to your University or your supervisor or email Fran Mead, Business Manager (f.mead@nhs.net).  It may help to structure your conversations by completing this form.

Please keep in touch with Julie and your HEI about any concerns and they will also be maintaining regular contact with you. If you decide to temporarily withdraw from the programme you will still need to complete all the requirements of the training programme when the crisis is passed and that this may result in some trainees having to extend their programme of study. 

We will accept a returned form via email (to Fran) as proof of signature, accompanied by an explanatory email of your intentions. 

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