This quick one-page guide has been designed to help you find the best way to fund your apprenticeship programmes. There is a lot of support available, which I have summarised here, or from your chosen apprenticeship provider. This is just a summary – please do follow the links and read carefully. Having an apprentice in the team should be a great opportunity to develop a new or existing employee and train them into a specific role, but there are responsibilities as an employer that needs to be managed.

The ESFA YouTube channel has lots of excellent videos as a starting point - including how to register for the apprenticeship digital account service, adding users, reserving funds, recruiting an apprentice etc. It is vital that your business registers on this portal to access any funding at all.

Health Education England have also produced this document for help with reservations.

The reservation of funding pay for 95% of their training costs, payable to your chosen College or University or training provider. The employer is expected to fund the remaining 5%.

The levy reservation doesn’t pay the salary costs of your apprentice, or any expenses they might need as part of their work e.g. uniform, DBS check, travel to training etc. They also have to be paid for all the components of the programme, so whilst at work and studying.

If you work in Primary or Social Care in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw you can approach the wider healthcare system for a levy transfer. This is where a large, levy-paying employer transfers to your digital account 100% of the apprenticeship cost. This is paid over the course of the apprenticeship and is then paid directly to the chosen training provider. In order to do this, please complete the attached form.

Pam Case SYB ICS Apprenticeship Project Manager ( arranges local transfers where a large employer is willing to do so.  Pam will also raise your interest with HEE North to request a possible transfer from further afield. There is no guarantee of funds though.

There are a couple of options to be matched with an employer who is definitely looking to transfer.

 1 - Co-op levy share site read their information and register your interest in receiving a match through the portal.

2 - The apprenticeship digital system itself now holds functionality to request a transfer. Details can be found here - and you can search here - Search funding opportunities (

If you would like to talk through this process please contact Pam Case or the Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub.