Published on: 8 September 2020

Medic Player are offering access to their Clinical Careers work experience platform for a limited period, free of charge. Its normally a subscription only service so this is a really good widening participation opportunity for our young people across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. It is especially suited to aspiring doctors and surgeons but would also be hugely insightful for anyone considering related careers in nursing, pathology, operating theatres, therapeutic roles.

This programme will be highly suitable for Year 12 and 13 students. 

The clinical work experience series is called 24 HOURS ON THE WARD which sees students follow a doctor in an NHS hospital and places them at the heart of the clinical journey. This will allow them to gain an insight into how clinicians make decisions about their patient and understand how medical ethics and situational judgement forms part of the patients clinical journey. As part of the experience they will receive a certificate for UCAS and reflective logs to complete and record their experience. Full details can be found here

To sign up:

1. Direct students to

2. Follow the WATCH NOW button through to medic player

3. Create an account

4. Enter the code WESLEYAN when prompted as a coupon.

5. Students can then access our educational content and develop their understanding for 30 days.

There are a large, but limited number of funded places. The deadline for sign up is 30th September 2020. Note of caution: it is first come first served, so places may be taken quickly.


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