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2nd December 2021

Early pay rise for adult social care workers in South Yorkshire arrives just in time for Christmas

Social care workers are set to receive a long-awaited pay increase four months early thanks to a landmark £15million pound agreement between health and care organisations across South Yorkshire.

24th November 2021

SYREC Schools Engagement Team Attends North Star 2021

Science has a huge role to play in the NHS, so that’s why we attended North Star 2021.

23rd November 2021

SHU Health & Social Care Applicant Support Sessions

Sheffield Hallam University's monthly sessions for health and social care courses will help you get advice and guidance on completing your application and preparing you for your interview.


Common Questions about the NHS and Social Care

What is the NHS?

The NHS (also called Health Care) is the preventiondiagnosis and treatment of children and adults with illness, injury, physical or mental impairment.  Health Care usually takes place in hospitals, clinics and GP practices and is delivered by clinical staff such as doctors, nurses, therapists, scientists, dentists, pharmacists, ambulance staff and their assistants. There are also teams of finance, business, catering, IT, data analysts, plumbers and electricians working behind the scenes.

What is Social Care?

Social Care is personal care and practical assistance for children and adults living with illness or disability so they can live as fully and independently as possible. Most social care takes place in people’s own homes but also in assisted living communities or care homes, depending on the needs of the client. Nurses, advocates, counsellors, social workers, rehabilitation workers, carers, drivers, cooks and housekeepers are all involved in maintaining dignity and quality of life for their clients.

What are Integrated Care Systems?

Integrated care involves collaboration and joined-up working across a number of regional health and social care organisations in order to better serve the needs of their local population.

NHS & Social Care Careers

Why is it important to focus on NHS and Social Care Careers?

The Health and Social sector is in the top three employment sectors across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, in Sheffield it’s the largest employer – employing over 41,000 people. Covid19 has been difficult for other industries including travel, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. For this reason, we think it is more important than ever that our young people know about, aspire to, and are made ready for the full range of careers available in the Health and Social Care sector.

The top 20 predicted jobs for the future include: robotic engineer, nurse, data analyst, epidemiologist, accountant, care worker, and maintenance technician – all these roles can be found in our sector. We have a wide range of roles to suit all interests and think it’s vitally important that our young people can see the connection between their favourite academic subjects and their future career. There is something for everyone: scientists, mathematicians, leaders, creators, and organisers as well as those who have been traditionally attracted to the caring professions. (https://www.parentalguidance.org.uk/labour-market-information/20-top-jobs-of-the-future)

Becoming a partner school for NHS and Social Care learning

The Health and Social Care Careers members area is where you’ll find resources to support teaching and learning about careers in Health and Social Care. Our resources have been carefully created by our team of NHS expert professionals and have been designed to support the teaching and learning about the wide range of diverse careers in the sector. These resources are suitable for Year 8, 9 10, and 11 students. Membership is free and details on how to sign up can be found here.

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